Dometic DCC 2412-20 - Split Charge System 24v-12v

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Dometic DCC 2412-20 - Split Charge System 24v-12v


Dometic PerfectPower DCC 2412-20

Voltage converter 24 volts » 12 volts (20 A) with electrically isolated input and output voltage

Stable, electronically controlled output voltage (± 0.1 V)
High energy efficiency (87%)
Several converters can be used in parallel
Additional enable input: connection of a switch to battery + for manual activation/deactivation of the converter; or, when used for charging, connection to D+ to switch the unit on or off automatically via the generator
Nominal input voltage: 24 volts DC
Input voltage range: 20 to 32 volts DC
Output current: 20 A
Output voltage: 13.8 ± 0.1 volts
Efficiency: 87%
Ripple & noise: 20 mA
Test marks: e-approved according to 95/94/EC (EMC guidelines for vehicles)
Item designation: PerfectPower DCDC20, 20 A, 24 volts » 12 volts

Stock Code: 005-DCDC20

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