Horsebox Conversions

Custom built horseboxes to the highest of quality

With conversions you start with vehicle, this can be a 3.5t van, right up to the big HGV box wagons. The container on the chassis is then used to create the horsebox, to this we can add skirts, luton pods, windows, vents, access ramps doors and steps.

AJ Horseboxes Ltd has years of experience to help you select the right vehicle for you. We have a selection of quality vehicles in our yard at any one time. All fully assessed and mechanically checked, ready to start the conversion ensuring you are building on only the best and safest foundation. Alternatively we are happy for you to supply a vehicle for conversion. Before we will commit to conversion of a Client’s vehicle, it must pass an in depth assessment to ascertain the vehicle is fit for purpose. This assessment includes the vital element of weighing the vehicle, ensuring the required end payload is achievable.

AJ Horseboxes are built to last and you will not find a more practical horsebox anywhere else. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail & quality, ensuring the utmost comfort & safety for both you and your horse. Every job is finished to our Client’s specification. We believe in a close client relationship and recognise the importance of a personal, friendly service. From this we ensure that you get your exclusive horsebox produced with excellent workmanship at a price that suits your pocket.

Rome was not built in a day so why should a horsebox be? We are happy to part or stage build boxes for Client’s allowing for budgets or even for you to put the finishing touches.

Contact Adam or Kate for further details and start your dream today 01845 577744.


Horsebox Conversions