Horsebox MOT & Services

AJ Horseboxes now offers full Mechanical services in house.

Pre MOT Service

MOT can be a fraught time for any of us, have complete peace of mind taking yours, book a full Pre MOT assessment. We are happy to advise and/or conduct full repairs where required and we will even advise on what may be required in the near future. Prevention is the best policy and with our heavy duty lifts we can easily get up close and personal to provide the best advice for your horsebox’s undercarriage, everything is photographed for your records.

Annual Electric and Gas Check

Don't get caught out! - Within your horsebox there are many working/moving parts, connections, pipes and switches all need regular checking, cleaning and servicing not only to keep them working correctly, but most importantly to keep you safe.

Trailer Service

Because they currently do not require an MOT many people do not even think to check their trailer. We recommend an annual service of Brakes, Tyres, Electrics and assessment of all working parts such as ramp springs. Thorough checking of the trailer floor and side panels for signs of rot are essential to keeping you on the road safely.

Ramp Service

Many people come to AJ with Ramp issues, usually all that is required is a ramp service. We forget ramps have working components that are subject to wear and tear every time they are used. Full cleaning and greasing of all working parts, rebalancing of springs ensures you have an easily operated ramp.


Horsebox MOT & Services