Purflex Polyurethane Mastic

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Purflex Polyurethane Mastic


Purflex is a single component polyurethane based sealer and adhesive formulated to meet a variety of needs within the vehicle construction and repair areas.
The material cures by reaction with atmospheric moisture to form a high performance, permanently flexible sealant and adhesive.
Skin and cure times are dependent upon humidity and temperature, with increased levels producing faster reaction.

Purflex has been specifically formulated to offer the following characteristics.
Fast Cure
Non Slumping
Permanently Flexible
Excellent Adhesion
Low Odour
Non Toxic
Low Shrinkage

Purflex can be applied directly from the cartridge using standard hand or air operated guns and is recommended for the following typical applications:-
Vehicle Building
Vehicle bodies and cab construction
Bonding of vehicle trims and mouldings
Waterproofing of lap seams in truck trailers
Floor bonding including sub floors and floor plates
Bonding/sealing in construction of joints and materials including prepainted metal, aluminium and plastics/composites
Sealing of all joints including, body to cab (motor home), underside, roof joints, curtain wall joints
Sealing around window and door openings, skylights, door hinges, air conditioners
Bonding of rubber door gaskets and profiles
Crash Repair
Sealing of welded seams, lap panels, wheel-arches, bodywork joints
Sealing around headlamp mounts, sun roofs, door rebates, skylights
Bonding of wheel-arches, front and side panels, roof and door skins
Bonding of interior /exterior accessories including decorative trims, badges, mud flaps, protective strips

Fast cure, excellent sea water resistance, permanently flexible, low odour, no pinholing, over paintable with most types of marine paints, non staining, excellent shelf life, non toxic.

Stock Code: 102-PP-BLACK

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