Herringbone Stall Partition 2

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Herringbone Stall Partition 2
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This is the shorter body stall partition
This is to be fitted when you have a side saddle locker encroaching into the horse area at the front of the horse, this still gives you room to bob under the front if needed.
Length = 2230mm
Height to pin under the top rail is 1685mm, that’s off the 25mm high bottom track
Height off the floor to where the horse leans against is 1300mm
The main body of the partition is where the body of the horse rests against, this is bum to breast 1530 long and from the top bar 670mm deep, this in usually infilled with 14mm GRP
The height from the floor to the top of the head guard is 1930mm and it projects back 525mm then at 45 degrees to 1180mm back along the back bone of the stall partition
The stall is supplied with a 600mm slide bar for the head end for ease of location, this comes with a fork end on and a 12mm sword pin
The 5mm insertion rubber is 600mm deep

Stock Code: 820-STALL-HR2

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