Horsebox Humidity Logger

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Horsebox Humidity Logger



The TFA Wireless Temp/Humidity Logger  allows you to monitor conditions inside your horsebox from the cab. Alarms can be set to alert you about specific temperature and humidity levels and then the data is offloaded wirelessley to your PC to demonstrate conformance with WATO regulations.
Wireless communication via supplied usb dongle
Reception range for the sensors up to 100 metres
Up to 50,000 temperature and humidity data logging intervals adjustable from 1 minute to 6 hours
Visual and audible high & low alarm thresholds
Creating an alarm report as a record (alarm event)
LCD contrast adjustable
Low battery indicator; Suitable indicator for desktop or wall mounting
Temperature range inside from 0 to + 50 degrees (resolution 0,1 degrees)
Indoor humidity measuring range 1% to 99% (resolution 0,1 degree, accuracy + - 3% btw 35 and 75%)
Check interval 15 seconds; Option to extend for up to 8 radio channels with humidity and temperature transmitter with cable or probe for temperature display
Additional transmitters can be called instead of channel numbers with names; manual learning function for single or all channels
Status indicator for loss of transmitter signals
Display of Minimum and maximum values with time of storage
History function to view saved data on the logger
Data collection function up to 50000 temperature and humidity data logging intervals adjustable from 1 minute to 6 hours (1 min. / 5 min. / 10 min. / 15 min. / 30 min. / 1 hour / 2 hours / 3 hours / 6 hours)
Percentage display of the not yet read records
Connection and data transfer to a PC via a USB transceiver via radio, range 10m, software Klimalogg Pro included in the price (Must be downloaded from the manufacturer)
Bi-directional connection between logger and software appliance can be partially controlled by software
PC System Requirements Windows XP (SP3), Vista (with SP 1) Win 7, at least 1 GB of main memory; Radio time (can be disabled and manually switchable), time zone setting, 12/24 hours

Display (based on the 100 last readings)
Radio controlled clock automatically uses Frankfurt DCF
DCF-77 ON/OFF function
Manual setting function
12 or 24 hours display
Date / month / year display
Time zone setting: +/-12 hours

Size - Sensor - 45mm W x 161mm Long x 29mm high + Logger - 100mm Wide x 140mm Long x 30mm high

Stock Code: 006-HUMLOG

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