AJ Saddle Bracket

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AJ Saddle Bracket


Do you ever drive to an event in your horsebox only to arrive and find all your expensive, carefully cleaned and maintained saddles sat in a pile on the floor of your horsebox?

This is a problem we hear about time and again - as always, we listened to our customers' problems and decided it was time to sit down and design a solution the problem.
A superb new saddle bracket designed specifically to prevent saddles falling off whilst you are moving.

The bracket is made entirely from aluminium - which keeps it light (an important factor when choosing parts for your horsebox) but still strong enough to take the weight of a saddle.

The bracket is shaped specifically to match the shape of a saddle and comes with 4 no. fixings holes to allow it to be securely fixed to the wall of your horsebox.

Bracket dimensions are length = 280mm, width = 40mm.

Please note, this is not suitable for some treeless saddles, please check the bracket dimensions.
Available in both Gloss Black


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